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New Orleans grapples with its Confederate past

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 13:05
Several prominent monuments around New Orleans are coming under fire as the nation debates the placement of Confederate symbols.
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Ticker tape parade today for World Cup champs

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 11:37
I'm seriously contemplating having my soccer-playing daughters miss a day at their beloved camp Friday so they can witness history.
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Live blog: 'A signal of good will and healing,' Obama tweets

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 10:23
It was first used in battle, with Southerners rallying around it in their quest to break apart from the United States. More recently, the Confederate battle flag has been the focal point of a different fight -- over whether it should still fly anywhere, given that it symbolizes to many the horrors of slavery.
Categories: National News

Trump's plan to bomb Iraq's oil fields 'troubling'

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 10:21
Donald Trump wants to "bomb the hell" out of Iraq's oil fields in order to strike at ISIS.
Categories: National News

Truth brings down Confederate flag

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 09:38
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Dad accused of killing teen girls

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:37
In the Season 2 premiere of "The Hunt" with John Walsh, you'll hear the story of Yaser Said, who is accused of killing his two teenage daughters.
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'How could you possibly kill your own children?'

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:34
Yaser Said allegedly murdered his two high school-aged daughters in 2008, and has been a fugitive ever since. "The Hunt with John Walsh" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Categories: National News

911 call from teen named dad as killer

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:32
Categories: National News

Remembering murdered teen sisters

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:32
A look at Amina and Sarah Said, whose lives were brutally cut short by their own father. "The Hunt with John Walsh," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Categories: National News

Fugitive father's history of violence

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:32
Yaser Said was married to Patricia "Tissie" Owens and had a history of violence against her."The Hunt with John Walsh" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Categories: National News

Big surprise in new Harper Lee book

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:31
The provenance of "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1960) is perhaps less well known than the novel itself, which has come to be even less remarked upon than the legal travails and self-imposed isolation of the author who penned the work.
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Chlorine sickens kids at water park

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:29
About 25 children got sick at a North Carolina water park when excess chlorine was pumped into a pool.
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FBI: July 4 terror plots foiled

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:28
FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that the bureau thwarted ISIS terrorist plots linked to the Fourth of July holiday that were intended "to kill people in the United States."
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21M Social Security numbers stolen

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 07:27
Categories: National News

The week in 37 photos

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 06:42
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Survivor group: Revoke Cosby's Medal of Freedom award

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 14:28
A day after Disney removed a Bill Cosby statue from its Florida theme park, a sexual assault survivor organization is petitioning the White House to revoke a Presidential Medal of Freedom the comedian received in 2002.
Categories: National News

Why people fall in love with murderers

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 14:28
Categories: National News

FBI: Sextortion a growing threat

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 14:25
Ashley Reynolds was a thriving 14-year-old girl in Phoenix, Arizona, who was active in the student government and the Christian group, "Young Life."
Categories: National News

On the hunt for the 'Hillside Strangler'

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 14:22
The police arrest a suspect but they did not yet know there was more than one 'Hillside Strangler.' "The Seventies," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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