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Time to buy Girl Scout cookies

January 19, 2011

It’s a tradition that dates back as far back as many of us can remember — girls throughout the nation going door-to-door taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies during their annual sale.

In fact, it was more than 90 years ago that Girl Scouts began selling homemade cookies to raise money. It was an idea so successful that since 1936, the Girl Scouts of the USA began enlisting commercial bakers to handle the growing demand.

Help bring the Ambassadors to town

January 18, 2011

There's no question Feb. 23 seems like quite a ways away, but that's definitely not the case for officials with the Big Spring Boys and Girls Club, which still needs donations from the public if they're going to bring the Harlem Ambassadors to town next month.

Boys and Girls Club Director Sonnett Hildebrand said the club plans to stage a basketball game between the Ambassadors and a group of local players Feb. 23 at Dorothy Garrett Coliseum.

Taking time to reflect on King's legacy

January 15, 2011

A "day on" rather than a "day off" — at least that's the idea local organizers of the annual march held to honor civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are calling the holiday. And that's the take most celebrants of the holiday will have Monday throughout the country.

This marks the 25th anniversary of the holiday recognizing King and the Corporation of National and Community Service is calling on all Americans to honor Dr. King's memory by being of service.

Dr. King once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others.'"

Area residents again answer the call

January 13, 2011

Once again Big Spring and Howard County, it's time for you to take a collective bow. That's because you've again answered a call for charitable aid in overwhelming fashion.

It seems like it was just last week that officials at the Big Spring State Hospital asked for the public's help.

Actually, though, the call came just before Christmas. The state hospital needed donations of television sets. Not new televisions, mind you, but older sets had might be replaced on Christmas day with new large, flat-screen TVs.

Well, the hospital call was heard.

Tell us how your pet is No. 1

January 12, 2011

People love their pets, that's a given. As a matter of fact, we're reasonably certain millions of dollars are spent across the country simply on people's pets.

And now the we're interested in hearing why our online readers think their pets are tops.

If you haven't noticed, the Herald's online edition has made a number of changes in recent months, and one of them is the Pet Pal page.

A man who had life beat

January 11, 2011


“Hello, my friend.”
Those three words, spoken in a Cuban accent that years of living in West Texas had not managed to wear away, always put a smile on my face.

They were spoken by Al Valdes, and if you never met Al, well, you have my pity, because you really missed out on a treat.

Nominations due for man, woman of the year

January 11, 2011

There's little time left. That's right, you only have a week left to make nominations for Man and Woman of the Year. So take a few minutes and think back on the past year and the things people here in Big Spring and Howard County have done.

There's no question that there have been plenty of special projects, volunteer opportunities and times when we've seen others do things that make this a better world for others. Some of us even have first-hand experience along those lines.

Tax help available through AARP program

January 8, 2011

It’s almost income tax time. And while we’re still a few months away from that April deadline, the local AARP is preparing to kick off its annual Tax-Aide program.

AARP spokesperson Gloria Hopkins said the program is designed to help people that might not otherwise be able to file a tax return by helping residents make sense of the tax laws and forms that seem to get more and more complicated with each successive year.

Let’s be sure we drive safely in school zones

January 6, 2011

Now that the holiday season is over, we can begin to get back into some familiar routines. For many of us, that includes some type of arrangement for getting our children to school in the morning and back home again in the afternoon. For those of us who work, it can be a harried time. We’re balancing their schedule with ours, trying to get to work, then maybe take a quick afternoon break so we can rush to the school and pick up the children and deliver them to a relative’s house, daycare or home.

There's still time to pay your taxes

January 4, 2011

It's that time of year. It's January and it's time for us to remind people about paying their property taxes. And we're convinced it's again time to remind everyone that a word to the wise is sufficient — at least that's the way the adage goes.

We've made that point before in this space on a number of occasions, because it applies to so many different matters we all face in life.

That's especially true when it comes time to paying your property taxes.

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