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Happy New Year to you all

January 1, 2011

As we enter a new year, it is time to take a few minutes to take stock of where we want to go both individually and collectively during the next 12 months. It's a point we've made before in this space and it remains as true as ever.

If we haven’t already taken personal stock, now is the time to ask ourselves what we want to change in our lives and what needs to be done to effect those changes.

Certainly, many of us seek better health and will make resolutions to change our diets and exercise routines. The important thing is to follow through — to make lifestyle changes.

Please party safely tonight

December 31, 2010

Area law enforcement officers have a message for would-be partygoers as we close 2010 and welcome in 2011 tonight: Don't drink and drive. That warning is issued every year and we devote a couple of editorials to it every year at this time. That’s because anyone who has been drinking and takes the chance of getting behind the wheel is endangering lives — not just their own, but ours too.

Call us stuffed shirts, if you must, but we simply find that unacceptable.

Don't miss out on Festival of Lights

December 30, 2010

If there was ever any doubt, something magical is happening at Comanche Trail Park again this holiday season with the 14th annual Festival of Lights.

There’s no doubt the Festival of Lights is now a tradition and a major attraction for Big Spring during the holiday season.

But if you haven’t seen this year’s display yet, or would just like to see it again this season, you’d better do so quickly. Only a couple of nights — tonight and Friday night — remain in the festival’s run.
And festival organizers want to see more than more visitors in the next few nights.

Fireworks safety is everyone's business

December 29, 2010

While an apparent mix-up in dates prevented Howard County commissioners from passing a ban on fireworks just before Christmas, forcing officials to informally request that firework vendors not sell rockets that include sticks and fins, it's time for citizens of this community to do the right thing by not buying or setting off those type fireworks.

Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan has spoken with several local fireworks vendors, requesting they abstain from selling rockets that include sticks or fins this holiday season.

Please drive safely during the holidays

December 24, 2010

Area law enforcement officers have a message for would-be partygoers as we close 2010 and welcome in 2011: Don't drink and drive. Anyone who has been drinking and takes the chance of getting behind the wheel runs a better than usual chance of getting stopped because extra law officers will be on the street.

That’s going to be true across the state, as police departments, sheriff's offices and the Department of Public Safety are taking advantage of grant money to pay overtime for peace officers to be on patrol.

A good cause to consider

December 23, 2010

Sometimes Santa Claus is better to some people than to others. That's a given ... something all of us realize and perhaps why those of us who can don't mind dropping a couple of bucks or loose change in the Salvation Army kettles, pick up gifts for one of the Angel Trees or any of the other charitable efforts that always seems to draw attention at this time of year.

And now we have another. The Big Spring State Hospital is in need of television sets and is hoping residents of the community can help with a donation or two.

Festival of Lights worth another visit

December 22, 2010

Most Christmases are anything but boring, but if you find yourself looking for an extra special treat one evening this weekend, then head over to Comanche Trail Park and the Festival of Lights. What a way to top off Christmas, huh?

In fact, the Festival of Lights will be on display through Friday of next week, and yes, that includes Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Brave volunteers will be there to greet you from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. each evening. Donations are accepted, but there is no charge to view the individual displays which include almost a million lights.

Buy your last-minute gifts here in Big Spring

December 21, 2010

The holiday season has reached the critical stage with only threef shopping days left before Christmas. There’s perhaps no better time of the year in Big Spring, the surrounding area or anywhere else for that matter.

With so little time remaining for people to pick up those last-minute gifts, the pace in local stores is getting a little frantic in some cases.

What we’ve found, though, is that there’s no better place to shop for Christmas than right here in Big Spring, regardless of how little time there is left to shop.

Hey you! Read this story!

December 18, 2010


As any first-year journalism student knows, the purpose of a headline is to encourage people to read a story. This can be done through the clever use of puns (a recent Herald article on a trout release at Comanche Trail Lake was “something to trout about,” the headline promised), but most of the time, taking the Joe Friday approach and stating “just the facts, ma'am” does the trick.

You might think the latter approach somewhat boring. Sometimes you would be right. Other times, however …

Are term limits really a good idea?

December 18, 2010


The idea of term limits at the city level is much like religion or national politics, it makes for heated discussion and someone almost always walks away with their feelings hurt.

So is the case as the Big Spring City Council sets out to put the use of term limits for the mayor and council members' seats before voters during the May municipal election, the brain child of newly-elected Mayor Tommy Duncan.

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