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Touching a nerve

May 4, 2013

By Bill McClellan
Herald Managing Editor
You never know when you are going to touch a nerve. I’ve done it many times, but then, in this business, it’s bound to happen.
A few weeks ago I wrote a column about lessons I had learned in dealing with credit card companies, insurance companies, etc. after the death of my wife. By the way, thank you to those who responded with cards, letters or emails either about my wife or to thank me for the column.
At the end of that column, I wrote about an upcoming rant — yep, this one. I said it would be:

Don't give up your right to vote

October 30, 2012


This whole 4A, 4B thing has me perplexed. I cannot for the life of me understand why people in this town who have railed on in the past about their right to vote are now standing in line to give up that right.

At least two of our recent letter-to-the-editor writers were vocally upset and angry when they did not get to vote on city council actions such as the smoking ordinance or water park. But today, those same folks are asking you to switch to a 4B EDC and give up your right to vote.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Letters to the Editor

October 20, 2012

To the editor:
I have lived in Big Spring all my live and I love this community. We established the Type A Economic Development in 1991 under the only method available at that time. Since then, we have spent about $20 million of our sales tax dollars in an attempt to help Big Spring grow. The EDC has had some success and I know you and I can all name a number of failures. I think over the years, the batting average has not been very good.

It's a matter of trust

October 20, 2012

When considering which way to vote on the upcoming Economic Development Corp. election, it is all too easy to get lost in the claims and counter-claims and counter-counter claims. In the end, however, it comes down to one basic question: Who do you trust?

The situation makes me sick

March 26, 2012

Am I the only person in the Crossroads area who was absolutely sickened by the television coverage of the human remains found at the McMahon-Wrinkle Airpark Tuesday?

Bear in mind, I'm not referring to the type of “sickened” you commonly find after someone stumbles onto a corpse, mummified or not. No, I mean that sick feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach, sort of like what you feel when you hear someone on death row was executed and they found out the next day they were innocent of their crime.

That kind of sickened.

Dear Molly

March 24, 2012

Dear Molly,

Love is not a game

February 29, 2012

I can't emphasize on how you make me feel
with those pleasant whispers in my ear.
An intense moment that bought tears of joy,
a sweet melody I needed to hear.
A familiar face has surfaced again, all
of my frustrations have disappeared.
I thank God for blessing me with a love
so tender and so dear.
People's opinions really doesn't matter anymore
they're on the outside looking in.
Their painful thoughts and hateful ways
are piercing to my skin.
Eventually we come to the terms and find out there's more about us we should learn.
A dishonest heart and lack of trust

Readers corner

February 4, 2012


Sometimes life hurts us
and when I use to get hurt
I would run away trying to escape from the pain and sorrow
I even ran away from the one who loved me so much
that he gave up his life for me
But I’m older now and know that running away
from life’s hurts and sorrows
won’t make them go away but that if you run to Jesus he will help make the hurts and sorrow easier to bear.
The Lord is my shelter
a refuge in times
of trouble
Psalm 9:9

Lana Anguiano

Dear Molly

January 28, 2012

Dear Molly,
I’m 34 years old and have two children 3 and 7. I’ve been divorced for a year and still have a lot of resentment towards my ex and how things ended. He cheated on me, tried to deny everything when I knew who she was and I was the last to know. I’ve caught them together around town and had to even stop him allowing her around our kids. He denies everything and said she was just helping out with sitting and meals. I don’t believe him for one moment.

Losing a friend

January 27, 2012

As the weather turns a bit dark and brooding, I have a tendency to let my thoughts turn inward, a habit my daughter warns me time and time again just leads me to the wide and misfortunate paths of melancholy, and, like most fathers, I rarely heed her warnings.

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