Billie Dunn files restraining order

After being arrested Friday on charges of hindering police investigators and possession of drugs, Billie Dunn — mother of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn — has filed a protective order against former live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins.Dunn made the announcement she had filed a “no trespassing” order against Adkins shortly after being released from custody following her arrest on charges of hindering apprehension and prosecution, possession of dangerous drugs and making a false report to police officers. All three charges are misdemeanors.According to officials involved in the investigation, members of the Texas Rangers were attempting to serve a search warrant on the only person of interest in the case — Billie Dunn's former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins — when Dunn allegedly lied about his whereabouts.The search warrant for Adkins was to retrieve DNA samples and fingerprints, according to unconfirmed reports. Also unconfirmed, the drug charge is believed to be for prescription medications obtained without a valid prescription."There's so much that's happened, so much that I found out about him,” Billie Dunn told Abilene news station KTXS-12 following her release. “I think about 'Did he have time to hurt my daughter?' and 'Why would he hurt her?'"I tried to stand by him at first because I really felt like I knew him. I knew he wouldn't hurt Hailey, and why would he? But after I talked to investigators, it puts doubt in my mind."Billie Dunn admitted it is getting harder to maintain hope her daughter will be returned home alive."I'm not as hopeful as I had been," Dunn said. "It really does get harder. I didn't think it could, but it does."Hailey Dunn has been the focus of a region-wide search since her mother reported her missing to the Colorado City Police Department Dec. 28.