BSHS Senior wins national award for ‘Dreams’ painting

It’s all about never forgetting our dreams, at least that’s what Sara Goza portrays in her award winning painting, “Dreams.”“Our dreams are something that everyone needs to keep in mind,” Goza said. “Even though we may look back on them and think they are silly, at one time they were important.”Goza, a senior at Big Spring High School, entered her piece, along with three other Big Spring students to the 2011 Congressional Art Competition for Texas District 19. “‘Dreams’ fit the standard and I thought that if it was good enough to go to (University of Interscholistic League) contest then why wouldn’t it be good enough for this contest,” Goza said. Goza described her painting of the dragonfly, large red flower and reflection on a pond as a representation of how close our dreams really are. “It represents that if we get close enough we can grasp our dreams,” Goza said. “At the same time, it shows us how that as we get older we realize how small our dreams really were. It’s a reminder of our childhood, something that nobody needs to forget.”On May 10 she received a call from Congressman Randy Neugebauer informing her that she had won and will be receiving two round-trip tickets to Washington DC to attend the official ceremony and reception at the U.S. Capitol on June 22. “I am happy to announce that Miss Sara Goza, a senior at Big Spring High School, has won this year’s Congressional Art Competition for her painting entitled ‘Dreams,’” Neugebaur said. “We received more submissions this year than any other year since I have been in Congress, and it was certainly a difficult decision. I’ve always known our district to be full of talented young men and women, and it is enjoyable to see it first-hand.According to Neugebauer’s office, there were 17 total entries and Goza won in a close vote. “Sara is one of my greatest artists,” Big Spring High School Art Teacher Judy Tereletsky said. “She accepts any challenge I give her and usually makes her own.”Sara said that when she submitted the art piece, she had no idea what the potential award could be. She heard the words art competition and she was willing to give it a try. “I had never heard of this contest before, but I had this painting and I had tried to go past regional with it before and I decided to give it another shot in competition,” Goza said. “I thought it was a community contest, not a congressional contest.”Goza said even though she is already excited about winning, she is still letting it sink in because she doesn’t think she has quite grasped how big this is. “She is excited, but I think once she gets up there she will be even more excited,” Tereletsky said. “Her eyes lit up when we mentioned the tour of the museums.”When it comes to meeting the congressman it’s pretty high on her list of rewards, but Goza said she is more interested and excited about going to see the artwork in the Smithsonian. Afterall, art is one of the driving forces of Goza’s life. “I consider myself pretty smart and my vocabulary is extensive, but I’m not always good with words. Art, however, is universal,” Goza said. “It can be anything and everything and nothing, all at the same time.”For Goza when she picks up a brush or whatever material she will be using that day and starts creating she said she feels like she is preserving a piece of herself in time. “Whatever it is that is being created has meaning behind it and whenever I paint or make my sculputures that feeling that I had is showing in the particular piece,” Goza said. “That meaning will be there forever along with that piece of artwork.”Three years ago BSHS had another congressional art winner, Allision Ward, who won with a cowboy picture. The excitement for Goza and her achievement can surely be seen in the art department at BSHS. Two classmates and contest entrants expressed their excitement about Goza’s win. “She has been a really good tutor for me,” sophomore Sydney Hernandez said. Opal Gonzales, senior at BSHS said Goza will be good representation not only of our area, but of the school as well. “It’s great that she won,” Gonzales said. “Her being a senior only makes her senior year that much better.”Even though this may be an achievement that Goza never expected and may not fully grasp just yet, there is more surprises in her future according to Tereletsky. To find out more information on those surprises and how you can help contact Tereletsky by email at or by phone at 432-264-3641 ext. 1464. “Sara’s painting will hang in the Cannon Tunnel for visitors, from around the United States and the world, to view as they walk toward the Capitol. The painting’s bright colors will stand out among the other artwork from all over the country,” Neugebauer said. “The runners up will hang in my district offices in Abilene, Big Spring and Lubbock. I want to thank everyone who submitted artwork, and look forward to watching them continue to showcase their artistic talents in the future.”Contact Staff Writer Amanda Moreno at 263-7331 ext. 234 or by e-mail at