Coahoma ISD approves $7.79 million budget

COAHOMA — Some Coahoma Independent School District residents will see an increase in their tax bill this coming fiscal year.During their Tuesday night meeting, CISD trustees approved a budget and tax rate for the 2012-2013 fiscal year that will result in an increase in local revenue for the school district.The tax rate will remain the same at $1.27 per $100 property valuation. Of that figure, $1.04 will be devoted to maintenance and operating costs, while the remainder is targeted for debt service.This will result in more local revenue for the district because of an increase in almost $80 million in CISD's tax rolls, Superintendent Amy Jacobs said.However, that increase will be counteracted by a decrease in the state's allotment to CISD, so Jacobs said the district will not see much of an increase in overall revenue. In fact, the district forecasts a budget deficit of about $75,000 for the coming 12 months.“As far as the bottom line goes, this increase (in local tax revenue) won't affect us much,” Jacobs said.Total expenditures for the coming fiscal year have been set at $7.79 million, she added.A major feature in the new budget is pay raises for teachers. In addition to state-mandated “step” raises, teachers will receive an additional $7,350 above the state base from the school district.CISD will make do with three fewer staff positions this year. Those positions — one teacher and two support personnel — were eliminated through attrition.“We've either reorganized those duties or the positions simply weren't needed this year,” Jacobs said.The district will utilize reserve funds to make up the planned deficit this year, she added.Jacobs said the new budget is both fiscally responsible and sufficient to meet the district's educational needs this coming school year.“We're looking forward to the school year and excited about some of the possibilities we've planned for, while still staying within our means,” she said.