Court to hear routine fair

Howard County commissioners face a rather brief — and routine — agenda when they meet Monday morning.Commissioners are expected to meet with County Treasurer Teresa Thomas to discuss routine personnel considerations.Also during the meeting, the court will meet with County Auditor Jackie Olson who will brief the commissioners regarding invoices, purchase requests and budget amendments.County Road and Bridge Administrator Eddy Jameson is to discuss possible pipeline crossings and make a report regarding road maintenance within the county.Jameson is also expected to discuss the possibility of posting a speed limit of 45 mph on K.C. Lane.County Judge Mark Barr has requested an item be placed on the agenda reserving the court’s right to discuss or possibly take action on items pertaining to the joint law enforcement center, which is currently under construction. However, no items specific to the center are currently on the agenda.The meeting will get under way at 10 a.m. in the commissioners courtroom, located on the third floor of the county courthouse. For more information, contact the county judge’s office at 432-264-2202.Contact Staff Writer Thomas Jenkins at 263-7331 ext. 232 or by e-mail at