Election still up in the air

While the state's situation regarding redistricting has left many counties in limbo regarding upcoming election dates — most notably the political party primaries currently slated for April 3 — Howard County election officials say it's full steam ahead for them.

Howard County Elections Administrator Saundra Bloom said the primaries could likely be slated as soon as April 3 or possibly April 17 — depending on what state officials decide in the not-so-distant future — which would put the deadline for would-be voters to register the first part of March.

“The options we're seeing right now appear to be April 3 and April 17,” Bloom said. “However, at this point it's almost impossible to know which way they are going to go with it. As of right now, there's also a chance they may split the primaries, with the presidential and local primaries happening on April 3 and the rest of them happening April 17.”

The U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 20 threw out judge-drawn voting districts for this year’s state and federal elections in Texas in a ruling that may help Republicans keep control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The justices unanimously told a lower court panel comprised of U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia and two other judges to create maps more similar to the Republican-controlled state Legislature’s plan.

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