Float Fly going on at Comanche Trail Lake

A little bit of floating and lot of flying is taking place at the Comanche Trail Lake. Saturday morning, members of the Big Spring Model Aircraft Association took their planes out to the lake in anticipation of having some fun. This weekend was the 18th Annual Don McKinney Memorial Float Fly. “This is a great way for us to generate interest in the community and possibly gain some new members,” said John Womack, vice president of BSMAA. The general public is invited to watch the members as they fly their planes, which are all designed to take off and land from the water, through all kinds of twists, turns and dives over the lake. “It's a great family event and a great educational avenue,” Womack said. “Everything that pertains to these planes pertains to the real big planes.”During the Float Fly, a brisket lunch will be served for $7 a plate for those who want to enjoy a good meal while watching the planes. Admission is free to the public and the Womack encourages the community to attend. “This is something I grew up doing with my father and it's something I have continued to do with my son for many years,” Womack said. Those attending are encouraged to ask any of the BSMAA members questions about the planes or the association itself. Also, to find out more information, visit bsmaa.org. Meetings are held once a month on the second Sunday.