Forsan fights for playoff spot

Missing key elements to their team, the Forsan Buffaloes went into last week's battle with Hawley needing a 13-point victory to make the playoffs. Brendan Roman had one of his best games of the season and To'a Maumau exploded onto the scene in relief of injured Foster Burchett to gain the Buffaloes a 32-19 win, edging Forsan past Hawley into the final playoff spot.This week, the Buffaloes travel to Plainview to face Sanford-Fritch in a special 7:30 p.m. Saturday clash. Though Ty Johnson will be out for the rest of the season, Foster Burchett returns at quarterback for the Buffaloes this week. Also returning to the lineup for Forsan will be Marcus Cervantes, another player missed in last week's battle.The Sanford-Fritch Eagles come into Saturday's contest sporting a 5-5 record, not overly impressive until you look closer. The Eagles went 0-4 at the beginning of the season, before going 5-1 in district to clinch the runner up spot behind Abernathy. As a team, Sanford-Fritch averaged more than 36 points per game against district foes. And they did it mostly by running the ball.“The Eagles area big team across the board,” Forsan's head coach Jason Phillips said. “Even their quarterback is 6'4” and more than 200 pounds.”The big, bruising quarterback makes his living on the ground, as most would expect, but Forsan is coming into the game sporting the only thing which has ever been able to trump size: speed.“With Foster returning, we see some new angles we did not know we could try,” Coach Phillips said. “We plan to use Foster (Burchett) and Maumau together in many different scenarios.”Forsan ended their season with a 6-4 record (3-3 in district). Though Burchett, Roman and Johnson have provided highlight reel games more than once this season, what the Buffaloes' fans saw last week was depth. Matthew Mims' 85-yard pick-six, Maumau's two powerful touchdown runs makes those standing on the sidelines or watching from the stands wonder who else this team has just waiting for a chance to show what they can do. With Burchett now teamed upwith MauMauand Roman working together with Cervantes again, the Eagles have to be wondering — and more than a little concerned about — just who will Coach Phillips pull out to take the place of Johnson this week. It can not be a comforting thought.