Forsan ISD to assess facilities

FORSAN — School officials here will soon take the first step in what will be more than a year-long process of evaluating the state of school facilities.During their monthly meeting Monday evening, Forsan Independent School District trustees discussed commissioning a facilities study within the next few months to assess the need for modernizing campus buildings.“We're starting to gather procedural information on the best way to assess our facilities,” said FISD Superintendent Randy Johnson. “We'll look at all our facilities, but certainly, the elementary campus is our biggest concern at this time.”Elbow Elementary was first constructed in 1930 and has been renovated several times — including the addition of a classroom wing — over the years. The most recent upgrade came after voters approved renovations in a 2004 bond election. Despite those efforts, however, Johnson said the old building is starting to show its age.“It has issues you'd expect from a core building built in the 1930s,” he said. “It has an extensive amount of asbestos, and there are also concerns about air quality — the building is not sealed up well and some days, you can't see all the way down the hall because of the dust.”The building has other infrastructure issues — such as plumbing — consistent with an 80-year-old building, Johnson said.He emphasized that Monday's discussions were merely the first step in what could be very long process.“Over the next several months, I anticipate we'll have several groups come, examine our facilities and give us their recommendations as to what needs to be done … We're definitely not making any sort of (bond election) announcement at this time. If this was to develop into a bond election, I'd say we're more than a year away from that.”