Having Fun and Giving Back - BSFD and Chaplaincy Corp hold United Way fundraiser

Having fun and giving back was the order of the day for Davis Knocke's 6th birthday.The Chaplaincy corp with the help of the Big Spring Fire Department raised $300 for United Way all while giving Davis a birthday to remember.“It was a blast,” said Fire Chief Carl Condray. “Everybody had a really good time.”Although, the fire department inspired birthday isn't a routine event, Joel Miller of the Chaplaincy Corp hopes to make it an annual event.Through a suggestion made by Miller's daughter-in-law, the chaplain approached the fire department about the idea.As a United Way agency receiving organization, the Chaplaincy Corp is required to host a fund raiser once a year. Through a silent auction, bids were made and Jeannie Knoke won the party for her grandson.. The birthday boy and his friends were treated to a tour of the fire station, a fire truck, the fire safety trailer and played an unorthoxed game of bowling.A search and rescue demonstration was provided with a firefighter in full gear showing the children one aspect of a firefighter's job.The children were allowed to climb inside the cab of the firetruck where they were allowed to sound the horn and flash the lights, but the real highlight of the day was the demonstration of the overhead water hose, according to Miller.“He (the firefighter) turned that overhead hose on and we had five or six kids out in the middle of it,” Miller said.The birthday guests were served hot dogs, chips and drinks and the cake was donated by HEB. Davis, because it was his sixth birthday, was made Honorary Junior Fire Chief and was given the privilege of ringing the BSFD brass bell six times.“It turned out great,” Miller said. “We hope to make this an annual event.” Plans for next year's event is already in the planning stages according to Miller, “This was the first time we've done this and we didn't have much time, but we hope to start in January for next year's event.”The bids for this year's event were taken from June to July and raised $300. “I think we'll probably do better next year since we'll have more time,” said Miller. “Hopefully, we'll raise $400 to $600.”