Last round of memories served up at Herman's

A long-standing family business has shut its doors after 52 years. Herman’s Restaurant, located at 1601 S. Gregg, no longer displays their daily special on the sign outside, instead it simply reads “‘For Sale.” “There’s not much of a story as to why we are closing,” said Homer Wilkerson, Herman’s Restaurant owner. ““I’m 73 years old and among other factors it had just reached a point where it became too big of a challenge.”Herman’s had come to be a place that held many memories, not only for the family but also for residents of Big Spring. “I remember going there with my grandpa and Boo (Herbert H. and Helen McPherson) and when you walked in there was a smell of cigarettes and yummy smells of food and always a light cloud of smoke in there. As a child, I loved it Sundays after church,” Belle Schooler, Big Spring resident, said. Sherye Marvin Cox recalled the battles about who could eat their (Herman’s) hot sauce, which was good, but hot.Opened by Wilkerson’s father, Herman, in 1960, the restaurant served as a young man’s dream come true. “My dad always wanted to have a restaurant so he opened Herman’s in 1960 and as his health declined I took over the business in 1983,” Wilkerson said. Over the years Herman’s became more than just a restaurant. It served as a tie to the past and kept the traditions of the way things used to be alive.“We were a unique restaurant. We still had the blue plate specials which have kind of gone by the wayside,” Wilkerson said. The restaurant has also made a name for itself outside of Big Spring as it has been named in Texas Highways magazine, the San Angelo Standard Times and even mentioned in the Amarillo Globe News, as well as the Big Spring Herald. “We were written up in the Herald as the best place to eat a chicken fried,” Wilkerson said. “There are so many fond memories, but the ones we will miss the most are the ones we made with our loyal customers and the tourists who came from out of town.”During the 52 years of business, Herman’s Restaurant gained a following of loyal customers. It was those customers who made an impression that will not be soon forgotten, even now that the doors are closed. “We have had lots of loyal customers over the years. They weren’t just customers, they were friends and those are the people we are going to miss,” Wilkerson said. “Our families hearts are filled with gratitude for all the loyal folks in Big Spring. They will be the ones we miss the most.”Contact Staff Writer Amanda Moreno at 263-7331 ext. 234 or by e-mail at