Martin County shooting leaves man dead

A 54-year-old Martin County man was killed Saturday afternoon following a standoff with law enforcement officials on Highway 176 near Lenorah. Lonny Martin was pronounced dead at the scene northwest of Stanton after the pickup he was driving slammed into a high-pressure natural gas line during a high speed chase involving Martin County sheriff's deputies shortly after 2:30 p.m., according to statements given by Martin County Sheriff John Woodward. According to law enforcement officials, there were federal warrants for Martin's arrest for alleged forgery. Despite efforts by Woodward to get Martin to turn himself in to law enforcement officials, he told the sheriff he had no intentions of leaving his home alive. Police officials attempted to stop Martin after he left his home Saturday afternoon, leading to a chase. According to law enforcement officials, attempts were made to shoot one of Martin's tires during the chase before he veered off the road, hitting the natural gas lines. Woodward said the accident didn't break any of the gas lines, which could have easily led to an explosion. However, Woodward said once the vehicle was stopped, shots were fired. Martin was believed to be armed with a 9 mm handgun, a tactical vest and extra magazines of ammunition. Following the gunshots, law enforcement officials — accompanied by a field medic — approached the vehicle in an attempt to save Martin from his wounds, but he died at the scene.

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