Neugebauer to visit local businesses

Projects are moving right along for the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation. Thursday afternoon, Congressman Randy Neugebauer will be visiting the BSEDC, taking a tour of Desert Tanks — a recent venture supported by the BSEDC — and meeting with a couple of representatives with Transport Handling Specialists. “Congressman Neugebauer wants to see what’s going on out there (at Desert Tanks),” Executive Director Terry Wegman said. “He is also interested in finding out more about the Big Spring Rail System and will be here for an hour to speak with two representatives from THS.”The project between the EDC and Big Dog Rig Movers has finally come to a close, according to Wegman.“The deal has been closed and they seem to be very optimistic about this project and the oilfield industry as well,” Wegman said. Another project moving along are the wind energy transmission lines that will be placed across Howard County. A map of the final proposed route has been submitted to the EDC for approval and it being looked over. An agreement is expected to be signed in the near future, according to Wegman.