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Protectors in leather attire...

April 18, 2011

Leather attire, motorcycles, tattoos and tough guy attitude...and amazing sense of safety and security.
Not exactly the description you would expect to hear when it comes to bikers, but just because society and Hollywood have labeled bikers as tough, cold hearted and all around mean guys doesn't mean that there isn't more than meets the eye.
BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) is a national organization that was created to provide abused children with a safer environment and an empowering feeling. In abuse cases, children become wary of their surroundings and can find it hard to trust and feel secure, but BACA members are there to lend support, be a friend and provide the support thatthose children are lacking.
BACA doesn't function on it's own of course, but in conjunction with numerous state and local agencies.
I admit, I was at one time one of those that believed bikers were a different breed. They were a breed that didn't deserve respect because they didn't give respect.Then again, the big screen helped shape that opinion.
It wasn't until I took the time to get to know some bikers that my eyes were truly opened.
In reality, bikers, especially BACA bikers, are a different breed, but not in the way I thought.
BACA members are protectors.
Their leather is not a fashion statement, but a protective shield for the children of abuse.
The tough guy demeanor isn't meant to scare others, but it is there to provide a sense of security for those children who feel they have lost their safe environment. They are the protectors for those that need protecting.
Just as little children believe in Superman, Batman and all those other super heroes, they can believe in BACA members. Cartoon superheroes may not be able to respond as the children would like, but when it comes to BACA members it simply takes a phone call.
Once a child is referred to BACA, two members are assigned to the child. Those two members serve as that child’s superhero. Anytime the child feels scared or in need of protection, BACA members are there.
It doesn’t matter the situation, whether it be a court hearing, a frightening moment at home or a simple need for security during the day, BACA members are always around.
The important thing to remember is that the members are there to provide the sense of security while empowering those that they are assigned to.
Afterall, fear is a daily thing, but the lesson to be learned is that fear can be overcome and it can be defeated.
BACA members are there to ensure the safety of the child and their environement, but also to help the child create that environment for themselves.
In letting the child know that they are not alone, they are helping build the self assurance that the child has lost.
BACA members may be only a small portion of the biker world, but they are a portion that gives the biker persona a whole new definition.

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