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Seeing America — by foot

April 5, 2011

George Throop left Washington state on Sept. 20, 2009, and has been walking across America ever since. (HERALD photo/Amanda Moreno)

One day he just decided to start walking.

George Throop decided that it was time to answer a calling, step out of the normal and do something different than his usual day-to-day life.

“I was manager of security of a high-rise building and it took care of my needs, but I wanted something more,” Throop said.

His walk across America started a year and a half ago on Sept. 20, 2009 from Washington State. He had originally scheduled nine months for the walk, but two months after he started he decided to slow down the pace and focus more on enjoying the journey.

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One's Own Journey

April 7, 2011 by 4me2c (not verified), 3 years 47 weeks ago
Comment: 39

Walking across America is an honorable goal few people can claim to make. By grace and hard work one can only attain this great feat. Sharing the adventure with friends, family, and people met along the way. One may never fully know how one's journey may touch others lives. Anyone choosing such a journey will probably have their own goals and reasons for setting forth on such an adventure. I find it to be no less noble to attain a goal lesser than another. I tend to believe we all are on our owns paths, our own journeys, some traveling the same road but for different reasons. We each can only be accountable to ourselves and our own goals. If we touch someones life in the process then that's an added "plus". In my opinion, the most important thing is that we have been true to ourselves, nothing else matters. Not every "journey" has the same goal. To each his own. Good Luck George!

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