Some serious horsing around

Easter may be the season of the bunny, but kids at Washington Elementary School were learning about horses last week. Anne-Marie Lugo — an eighth grader at Forsan Junior High School — and her mother, Cindy, visited with the kindergartners about animal needs. “The students in Mrs. (Yvonne) Loya's class sent us a very nice letter and asked if we would come and speak to them,” Cindy said. During the afternoon presentation, Anne-Marie and her mother spoke about the basic needs of a horse, proper etiquette when around a horse and answered any questions the students had. “It's important for kids to know about horses, especially if they are going to get involved. That way, they know what they are getting into before they get into it,” Anne-Marie said. Cindy added, “It's always nice to educate the kids. It's not only good for the industry, but it's also good for the kids.”Education and involvement with horses isn't anything new for Anne-Marie. She has been riding since before she could walk and has been competing since she was 6 years old. Her competitions include barrel racing, goat tying and pole bending. She has competed in several different levels of competition, including Texas Junior High Rodeo, West Texas Rodeo, American Junior Association Rodeo and more. “From the moment I took that first step onto the horse I was hooked. It's an addiction,” Anne-Marie said. “It is something I continue to do because it teaches me to not only be competitive, but it also shows me what I am capable of doing.”Anne-Marie will soon be traveling to Abilene to compete in the state competition of Texas Junior High Rodeo. She will also be taking part in the 52nd anniversary of the American Junior Rodeo Association in Big Spring in May.