Tax-free weekend upon us

If you purchase clothes for your school-aged children this weekend, you won't have to pay state sales tax. But if you want to materials to sew clothes for your children ... well, you're gonna pay.Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the dates for this year's Sales Tax Holiday in Texas. State officials anticipate shoppers will save an estimated $64.8 million in state and local sales taxes over the three-day period.Shoppers can save money on everything from pens, jeans and shoes to backpacks and other items priced under $100.“Shoppers across Texas can take advantage of the sales tax holiday and save extra money for their budgets,” Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said. “Families gearing up for the new school year would not pay any sales tax for many back-to-school items from clothing and footwear to school supplies this weekend.”Most clothing, including baby clothes and bibs, will be tax exempt. This includes blouses, shirts, pants, undergarments, caps and bow ties. Chef uniforms and children's novelty costumes — think Halloween — are also exempt.However, buttons and zippers are taxable, as are cloth and lace, knitting yarn and other fabrics, thread and iron-on patches. Ladies, your hair nets, bows, clips and barrettes are taxable, as are handbags and purses — but men, you can go ahead and get a hunting vest tax-free. Go figure.Fact is, most back to school and clothing items are tax exempt — with the exception of athletic gear. If you have a question about a particular item, check the Comptroller’s website at tax holiday weekend has been an annual event since 1999.