Time to buy Girl Scout cookies

It’s a tradition that dates back as far back as many of us can remember — girls throughout the nation going door-to-door taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies during their annual sale.In fact, it was more than 90 years ago that Girl Scouts began selling homemade cookies to raise money. It was an idea so successful that since 1936, the Girl Scouts of the USA began enlisting commercial bakers to handle the growing demand.Now, we all know commercially produced cookies are never going to taste as homemade, but it’s hard to find a better commercially prepared cookie than those offered by the Girl Scouts during the annual sale.Girl Scouts throughout the area are in the midst of their fund-raising event, offering local residents any or all of the eight different varieties of cookies available at $3.50 per box.Of course, all of our favorites are on sale — Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Shortbread, Thanks-A-Lot, Lemonades and Peanut Butter Patties — but there are also the Shout Out, a new cookie in the Girl Scouts’ offering.Each $3.50 box of cookies we purchase, however, provides a great deal more than just a good-tasting treat.Girl Scout officials note that the cookie sale helps girls learn important skills related to handling money, goal setting, teamwork and meeting the public.In addition, one of the things that makes the Girl Scout Cookie Sale different from most youth fund raisers is that a portion of the revenue goes directly to the local troops so that the girls involved in the sale can make a decision on how it’s spent.So when a Girl Scout arrives on your doorstep or approaches you elsewhere, we hope you’ll help make the local council’s 2011 sale a success.After all, when we buy Girl Scout cookies, we’re not only supporting Girl Scouts and all the good things they do in our community, but we’re helping fund the future.And did we mention they taste good, too?We call that a win, win and win situation.