Trout restocking to resume at park

Summer isn't the only time for fishing, especially if you are angling for rainbow trout. Comanche Trail Lake will receive the second group of rainbow trout from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on Jan. 12. The first group of fish was released into the lake Dec. 13 as part of the annual restocking. The restocking program has been taking place for four years after the Rev. Ken McIntosh approached Debbie Wegman, Conventions and Visitors Bureau director, about what it would take to get the lake stocked. In order to keep the program going, the city pays for half of the fish and the TPWD covers the other half. “This year we are actually getting an extra 2,000 fish,” Wegman said. “Usually there are only two stockings, but the TPWD had more fish this year so we are getting more.” Each cycle of stocking includes about 2,000 fish, according to Wegman. The final restocking will take place Feb. 15. Once all the fish have been brought in, there will be more than 6,000 catchable size trout in Comanche Trail Lake. “The goal of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's rainbow trout stocking program is to release catchable size rainbow trout in select waters in Texas to provide a unique winter fishing opportunity, to provide additional fishing opportunities in urban areas and to provide support to educational fishing program,” Carl J. Kittel, program director, said in a press release. Despite the recent lack of rainfall, there is still enough water in Comanche Trail Lake to sustain the fish. Anyone is able to fish at the lake, for those 17 and over a license — which can be purchased locally at Wal-Mart — must be obtained before fishing can take place. Those under the age of 17 do not need a license to fish.