Weather putting dent in BSHS basketball season

Both the Big Spring boys and girls’ basketball teams have spent a lot of time battling the same opponent this week: the weather.The snow and frigid temperatures already postponed Tuesday’s game at Sweetwater for both teams, leaving a whole week to prepare for Brownwood at home Friday.But that was changed late Thursday after Brownwood coaches let Big Spring know they were not permitted to make the trip because of the harsh weather.Now both Big Spring teams are looking at three consecutive games. The girls and boys are already scheduled to play at Sweetwater Saturday. The plan is to reschedule the Brownwood game for Monday, but as of Friday morning, nothing is official. If the Brownwood-Big Spring games took place Monday, then a trip to Snyder is immediately waiting Tuesday. Add in a trip to Abilene Wylie on Feb.11 for the boys, too. “I knew this weather was coming, but I never thought that it would last until today,” BSHS boys’ basketball head coach Cliff Thompson said. “I think we’re at an advantage because I know Abilene Wylie has not practiced this week. Us and Snyder are the only schools that have gotten to practice on a regular schedule. If anybody has an advantage, it might just be because of the practice schedule.”Thompson said having the schedule change like this could impact the game and affect his players, but the practice schedule hasn’t changed, so they haven’t lost too much rhythm.To have something like this at a vital time in the season is new to Thompson, too. The Steers are in the middle of the District 5-3A race, coming off a loss to Abilene Wylie. “I much rather have this during December, during tournament time, than right now, during district play when we’re having to basically win the rest of our games to win the district championship,”Thompson said.While the weather hasn’t disrupted the Lady Steers’ practice schedule, head coach Mike Warren said it does disrupt how practice is run.“The day before the game you don’t want to run too much,” he said. “You want to get the girls’ legs under you. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing for the last few days, not being sure how much conditioning to door how hard to make the practice.”Warren also said his players are anxious and ready for a game.The Sweetwater games are schedule for 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. The girls’ game is first.