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Pet Pals

  • Labradoodle
    Erin Hunter
    Erin Hunter
    Squeak Toy
    Fetch, he loves to run after his squeak toy.
  • Shih Tzu
    Johnny & Claudia Garcia
    Big Spring
    baby rattle
    Jakey Pooh
  • Shih Tzu
    Female and Male
    Johnny Jr. & Claudia Garcia
    Big Spring, TX
    Us Grammy and Grandpy!!
    baby blankets
    These are our little babies!!!! We also have their mom, Sassy and Dad, Dallas. Bella, Jake and Maxx are sweet, loveable and very playful Shih Tzu's. They get super excited when Grammy or Grandpy get home from work and play with them. They give us tons of kisses!!
    Jakie Pooh, Maxxie Bear, Baby Bella
  • Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Dotson mix
    July 7, 2011
    Camryn Herrera
    Raw hide
    Dancing for a treat.
    Chunky, Chunky Monkey Chocolate Chip!
    Papas(Sam) picking on him, he gets grumpy.
  • Beagle/Corgie
    October 12,2011
    Big Spring
    Jessica(Her mama)
    Chew Rope
  • Mixed
    September 1994
    Yong & Harry
    Big Springs
  • Mountain Cur/ Chocolate Lab
    April 9 2011
    Brandi Dunlap
    Big Spring
    Bella (black german shepard)
    Towels and Rags
    When you lay down to go to sleep at night she will tell you a bed time story :)
    Zoe Bucket and Zoetard
    She hates the leash and doesnt care for baths.
  • Pugtese
    Jan 27, 2007
    Bob & Geri Gibbs
    Big Spring
    Mommy & Daddy
    Homemade toy made out of yarn
    Her charming cute looks to get what she wants
    Bub Bub, Bubbie, My baby
    The door bell drives her crazy or a kitty cat on the porch
  • tiny tea cup chi weight only 4 oz.her .him9oz
    male& female
    11 24 2011
    san antonio tx
    his sister lol
    running after her brother.
  • Yorkie Terrier
    The Conner Family
    Big Spring, TX
    Kayden Marie, and baby Gage
    My ball, and Jerky
    My favorite trick is to climb on top of everything I can. I also love to play with babies and children. I am so sweet.
    Bear Bear
    I can't stand when my mama and daddy do not feed me my jerky on time every evening.
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