The Daily Press Big Spring Herald | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-12T12:45:36-04:00 start grass fire, officials say2014-07-12T12:45:36-04:002014-07-12T12:45:36-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldBig Spring, TXNo author availableFireworks start grass fire, officials sayBig Spring caps water servicx out of city limits2014-07-12T12:43:22-04:002014-07-12T12:43:22-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldDuring their Tuesday meeting, the city council approved an ordinance that effectively put a cap on the number of residents outside Big Spring's city limits who receive water from municipal sources.Big Spring, TXNo author availableCouncil caps water servicx out of city limitsBig Spring route gets funding2014-07-11T12:41:40-04:002014-07-11T12:41:40-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring Herald“This is huge,” said Gloria McDonald, a member of the Ports to Plains Alliance. “We didn’t think we would get the northern portion for probably 20 years or if ever because we weren’t sure funding was going to be available.”Big Spring, TXNo author availableReliever route gets fundingBig Spring quell blaze in neighborhood2014-07-11T12:36:05-04:002014-07-11T12:36:05-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring Herald“I came outside to let my dog out and saw something burning,”said Jessica Harman, who was house-sitting her mother’s residence in the 2700 block of Clayton Street. “Within like ten minutes it had come all the way down and I could see bright, dark flames. Ashes were falling.”Big Spring, TXNo author availableFirefighters quell blaze in neighborhoodBig Spring battling wildfire; homes threatened2014-07-10T17:37:03-04:002014-07-10T17:37:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldBig Spring, TXNo author availableFirefighters battling wildfire; homes threatenedBig Spring State Park to host kayaking class this weekend2014-07-10T11:39:31-04:002014-07-10T11:39:31-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldPark Superintendent Kyle O’Haver has three workshops available Saturday. The park is providing the kayaks and life vests; however, those who want to can bring their own and join in — just let park officials know as overall class sizes are limited. The program lasts 1-½ hours and will go over basic equipment, safety on the water, maneuvering skills and a follow the leader guided trip. Big Spring, TXNo author availableC-City State Park to host kayaking class this weekendBig Spring auction to tee off Saturday2014-07-10T11:34:25-04:002014-07-10T11:34:25-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldThe event, sponsored by the Howard County ABig Spring, TXNo author availableAggie auction to tee off SaturdayBig Spring upset over ‘master plan’2014-07-09T13:49:40-04:002014-07-09T13:49:40-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldBig Spring’s city council passed two sections of the city’s comprehensive master plan during their Tuesday night meeting, laying out a guideline to how the community will deal with possible growth at the airport and north of town over the course of the next 20 or 30 years.Big Spring, TXNo author availableGinners upset over ‘master plan’Big Spring victim identified as Abilene man2014-07-09T13:48:23-04:002014-07-09T13:48:23-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldAccording to DPS officials, 29-year-old David M. Fruhling of Abilene was pronounced dead by Martin County Justice of the Peace Jarrell Hedrick at 8:55 p.m. Saturday at the scene of the accident. His body was taken to Nalley-Pickle Big Spring, TXNo author availableWreck victim identified as Abilene manBig Spring HC All-American killed2014-07-08T14:35:58-04:002014-07-08T14:35:58-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldRichoux, who was just days from celebrating his 22nd birthday, drowned after jumping off a dock while celebrating the July 4th holiday on Friday. Big Spring, TXNo author availableFormer HC All-American killedBig Spring