The Daily Press Big Spring Herald | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-10-01T12:36:29-04:00 Court named for Big Spring High School2014-10-01T12:36:29-04:002014-10-01T12:36:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldThe bonfire will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday by the old Anderson Kindergarten building located on Airbase Road near the Howard County Fair Barns. Predicted high for that day will be in the low 80s and lows in the low 50s.Big Spring, TXNo author availableHomecoming Court named for Big Spring High SchoolBig Spring season to begin Oct. 92014-09-30T15:01:27-04:002014-09-30T15:01:27-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldThe Big Spring Symphony kicks off its new season with a musical event in the ballroom of the Settles Hotel Oct. 9. The event, called “Come to the Masquerade,” begins with a reception at 6 p.m. Following dinner, the Big Spring Junior High School Choir, directed by Tara Trowbridge, will perform along with the Howard College Jazz Band directed by Dan Kiley. Big Spring, TXNo author availableSymphony season to begin Oct. 9Big Spring draw crowds to Howard County Fair2014-09-29T16:34:18-04:002014-09-29T16:34:18-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldBoth the popular Kountry's Kids contest and the pet contest drew a decent crowd to the entertainment tent to watch children ages 5 and younger strut in their finest country clothes and later for dogs (no age limit enforced) standing patiently by, somewhat bewildered while owners proudly showed off their pets.Big Spring, TXNo author availableContests draw crowds to Howard County FairBig Spring offender indicted on new charge by grand jury2014-09-27T13:22:10-04:002014-09-27T13:22:10-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldPaul Barnard Hildreth, 45, was indicted on the first-degree felony charge of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit indecency with a child during the grand jury’s Thursday session.Big Spring, TXNo author availableSex offender indicted on new charge by grand juryBig Spring Society, clinic, offering pet vaccinations2014-09-27T13:20:47-04:002014-09-27T13:20:47-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring Herald“We welcome everyone to come out,” said Jo Stone, Humane Society coordinator. “This is good for their pets and it is a way to give back to the community.”Big Spring, TXNo author availableHumane Society, clinic, offering pet vaccinationsBig Spring Smoot named Howard County Fair Queen2014-09-26T12:22:17-04:002014-09-26T12:22:17-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldLooks weren’t the only aspect judged as each girl was given a question to ponder and answer to the best of their ability. How they handled the subject they were given and their confidence in speaking before an audience was also a factor on who would inevitably take the Howard County Fair Queen crown.Big Spring, TXNo author availableKelie Smoot named Howard County Fair QueenBig Spring approves city budget2014-09-26T12:19:34-04:002014-09-26T12:19:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldIn what seemed like a marathon of meetings for the council members this month, the city council met for the fourth time Thursday night with only four members present — Mayor Larry McLellan, Bobby McDonald, Marvin Boyd and Justin Myers. Raul Marquez Jr., Carmen Harbour and Raul Benavides were absent.Big Spring, TXNo author availableCouncil approves city budgetBig Spring open for county fair tonight2014-09-25T12:16:50-04:002014-09-25T12:16:50-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldThe fair opens its yearly run today from 5-10 p.m. and runs through Saturday next to the Big Spring Rodeo Bowl. Admission is $6 per person.Big Spring, TXNo author availableDoors open for county fair tonightBig Spring steps down at Northside2014-09-25T12:13:36-04:002014-09-25T12:13:36-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring Herald“Linda has done a wonderful job and is a wonderful person to work with,” said Sylvia Miramontes, president of the NCC board. “We are going to miss her, but we know Linda has future adventures to look forward to.”Big Spring, TXNo author availableSepulveda steps down at NorthsideBig Spring charges put 14 in jail2014-09-24T12:24:20-04:002014-09-24T12:24:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Big Spring HeraldBig Spring Police Deparment officers, assisted by Howard County Sheriff’s Office deputies, executed several felony arrest warrants for drug violations that started at approximately 6 a.m.Big Spring, TXNo author availableDrug charges put 14 in jailBig Spring