2 sign for Ranger debate program

Two 2012 Big Spring High School graduates, Seth Trevino and Shawn Adams, have been accepted as members of the newly formed debate program at Ranger College. "We're glad to have Big Spring represented on our roster." Jason Jordan, coach of the Ranger College team, said, "Big Spring has developed a reputation for producing successful debaters who are competitive both regionally and nationally."With next year being the first year debate is offered at Ranger College, Trevino and Adams will be on the ground floor of what should be a quality program. "I'm glad these two students get a chance to go on to debate in college," BSHS Speech and Debate Coach Jennifer Adams said, "The boys proved to be a valuable asset to Big Spring High School and I know they will contribute to the Ranger College program." Jordan, the former director of debate and head debate coach at Richardson High School and Decatur High School, will begin his inaugural year as a collegiate debate coach. Ranger College will be traveling nationally, competing against both two-year and four-year institutions, with the end goal of competing for a national championship. "In college debate, there are no school size divisions," Adams said, "The guys will be debating against schools of all sizes from all across the nation on a regular basis." But Jordan isn't worried about his team. "In this, the first year of our program's existence, we made a point to recruit debaters who we felt not only possessed a high degree of talent, but also an equally high degree of drive to take an active role in creating a culture of success at Ranger College," he said.Ranger College, one of the oldest continuously operating public community colleges in the state, is located in Ranger on Interstate 20 between Abilene and Fort Worth.