60th anniversary

The Clarks were married in Big Spring on March 7, 1952 at her mother’s home. The ceremony was attended by family and friends. Mildred is the daughter of the late Judge Jacob E. Brown and Mary E. O’Daniel Brown. Calvin is the son of the late Ossie Clark and Velma Clark of Arkansas. They met quite by chance at the local Nutt Drive In. He proposed that very evening in a joking way, “Baby if you will marry me we will go places.” Mildred did not believe him and thought, yeah, probably to the county fair or a hog calling.Then their relationship developed and six months later they were married by the late Rev. P.D. O’Brien. They started their life together in a new rented duplex on Nolan Street. Three children and successful careers followed with some ups and some downs. They managed to be a committed couple, even suffering the loss of a grandchild in 1988 in an automobile accident. They have five grandchildren and four great-grandsons. Calvin had a successful career with an oil field service company. They were moved to several places in the U.S. In 1974, we were transferred to London, England. He became an international employee and we traveled to many countries. After retirement, their son was transferred to Southeast Asia and lived there for five years. Calvin took a job with a company in Malaysia and he is still involved with that company. The couple said they have had a good life together. Their children, Thomas, Mark and Shelley, have been married more than 30 years. Mildred discovered after 70 years of age how to play three musical instruments. Ann Gibson Houser, her childhood piano teacher in Big Spring, would be proud.