Alon, others lauded for role in youth club

Ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community. Alon USA showed what it can do by presenting a $200,000 check during Thursday's dedication ceremony for the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.“When there is a need in this community, the Big Spring Refinery is going to step up and do what we can to meet it,” said Jimmy Crosby, vice president of refining. “That’s what we’re doing with the Boys and Girls Club and the Salvation Army with our pledge of $200,000 to support the new facility and its programs for years to come.”Alon first became involved with the Salvation Army through becoming a sponsor for the Angel Tree program last year. Eventually, Crosby said Alon was approached by the Salvation Army to become part of the Boys and Girls Club project. “We couldn't pass up an opportunity to help the children in Big Spring. We recognize the importance of having a safe place for our youth and watching them grow and learn,” Crosby said. “This is a building that represents the endless and limitless opportunities of these young people. We are proud to have our name on the wall in the Alon Big Spring Refinery gymnasium. It is a very exciting opportunity and has been a great joy for us working with them on this project.”According to Major Terry Israel, the new facility is the result of people in the community and Salvation Army deciding that words were not enough and that action must be taken. “The Salvation Army advisory board said the mission and ministry of Salvation Army should not be compromised because of the financial downturn; we must proceed with this project because the youth of Big Spring cannot go without and suffer because of the financial situation,” Israel said. “They pursued the capital campaign and pursued this project and because of that we come here in that context and say we dedicate this building – to the glory of God and betterment of the youth of Big Spring.”In addition to the advisory board and those at the Salvation Army deciding this project would be completed and was considered a necessity, several companies and individuals helped make the vision a reality. “We have had a great year here at the Boys and Girls Club,” Major Orville Chambless said. “We are very thankful to the contractor Lee George, JC Riddell the construction manager, Phil Furqueron and staff at Parkhill, Smith and Cooper who came in mid-stream, ran with the ball and made it all come together. We are extremely grateful that they have done so well with the vision of serving children here in Big Spring.”