Ambassadors bringing their bounce to Big Spring

The world-famous Harlem Ambassadors basketball squad will be coming to the Crossroads area in February, part of a community project the Big Spring Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club is putting together for area children.According to Sonnet Hildebrand, director of the local Boys and Girls Club, the Ambassadors are slated to perform Feb. 23, but before the first slam dunk can be driven home, her and her staff will have to raise funds for the project.“We need monetary donations to be able to make this happen,” Hildebrand said. “I'm currently working on some local sponsorships for the show, and I'm meeting with many local businesses, but it would be really nice if we could get local residents in on the project, as well."“We're not expecting folks to step up and kick in hundreds of dollars, especially when we know most everyone is financially strained already because of the Christmas holiday. However, something as small as just pocket change could make all the difference in the world for this project. It's pretty amazing how quickly the change can add up.”Hildebrand said bringing the Ambassadors to Big Spring certainly isn't cheap, but the life lessons the players bring to area children is well worth the price tag.