Annual Livestock Show comes to Howard College

Staff Writer

The Howard County Junior Livestock Show is coming to a close, with Saturday being the last day for the show.
Jan 17 marked the first day of the four day event, with a lamb and goat show. A rabbit, steer, and heifer show took place on the 18th. On the 19th, a barrow show took place at 10 am. Sat Jan 20 was the final day of the show and the day began at 9 am. The main events of the final day will include a BBQ, premium auction and sale, and awards ceremony.
The HCJL association is overseen by four officers, President Matt Woodall, Vice President Coy Worley, Treasurer Russell Parum, and Secretary Michelle Hamlin. “Our numbers for the show were good and everything went smoothly,” said secretary Michelle Hamlin.
Officers and the board for the show work year-round to gather money for various things like a photographer so kids can have photos for free and for the BBQ that takes place on the last day of the event every year.
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