Aquatic center opening faces delay

If contractors working on the new Big Spring Aquatics Center at Comanche Trail Park seem hurried, it's no wonder, as city officials currently speculate the project will most likely miss its May 28 completion date.

Assistant City Manager Todd Darden said a problem with materials has the project's contractor — excluding work on the pool itself — showing concern his crew may not be able to meet the deadline.

“The contractor has shown me a little bit of concern for the first time in the process (about making the deadline),” Darden said. “The main reason is some of the material got here very late, mainly the block for the building. There was some communication between the contractor that's running the job — with the exception of the pool, which is being handled by Neuman Pools — and the block didn't get ordered. This isn't your standard block, so you can't just go grab it at the hardware store. So, it's going to be very, very close.”

Darden said it wouldn't necessarily be impossible for the contractor to make up the lost time, although it's highly unlikely at this point in the project.

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