Area residents again answer the call

Once again Big Spring and Howard County, it's time for you to take a collective bow. That's because you've again answered a call for charitable aid in overwhelming fashion.It seems like it was just last week that officials at the Big Spring State Hospital asked for the public's help.Actually, though, the call came just before Christmas. The state hospital needed donations of television sets. Not new televisions, mind you, but older sets had might be replaced on Christmas day with new large, flat-screen TVs.Well, the hospital call was heard.The hospital received, and received, and received.As a matter of fact, the public's response to BSSH's need for television donations was nothing short of mind-boggling.At last count, the hospital received 55 televisions — sets in all shapes, brands and sizes.In fact, the hospital received so many donations that it ran out of storage space, according to Big Spring State Hospital Assistant Superintendent Lorie Couch.“The generosity of the people in West Texas never ceases to amaze me,” Couch said. “We knew if we asked for donations, we would receive some, but I had no idea that we would receive so many. The community and its people have always been so generous, but the response has been overwhelming.”In fact, Couch said the staff had received so many donated TVs that the hospital is now asking for individuals to donate televisions to other charitable organizations within the community.That's right, Big Spring and Howard County, you never cease to amaze us with your generosity when a good cause is put before you.In West Texas parlance, ya'll done good!