Arrington talks ACA, Trump, and West Texas issues

Staff Writer

District 19 U.S. Representative Jodey Arrington was in Big Spring Tuesday to tour the Delek Refinery (formerly Alon) and took some time to stop by the Big Spring Herald and discuss his work in Washington and the current state of affairs in the nation. Topics of discussion included the budget, repeal of the Affordable Care Act, term limits, Donald Trump, and West Texas issues.
Arrington is a member of the House Budget Committee, and is pleased overall with that body's recently released budget draft, which would attack the national debt.
"I think the national debt is the biggest issue...challenge...facing the future of this country and our children. You know we've hit that new, not-so-proud milestone of $20 trillion," he said. "We passed the my first budget as a member of the Budget Committee. I'm very proud of that product. I think it puts a down payment on rebuilding the military. It initiates tax reform and it cuts mandatory spending, which is the real debt driver, by $200 billion, which is more than Congress has cut mandatory spending in over 20 years. But now we've got to work it through the process and hope that it maintains that integrity."

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