Back to class

It’s certainly the last thought any student in the Crossroads area wants to consider right now, but there’s little doubt it’s just over the horizon — the return to school.And while the trek back to classes may elicit groans about teachers and books from students, it will leave many parents in a fiscal pinch as they try to pay for their children’s school supplies, a task the Big Spring Salvation Army is hoping to step in and assist with.However, that assistance begins with a helping hand from the community, as the local charity is asking area residents for donations for its annual Back to School Drive.“It’s really amazing how easily the back to school season can creep up on you each year,” Bessie Flores, a social worker with the local Salvation Army, said. “It seems like it comes earlier and earlier each year.”Flores said she and the rest of the charity staff are working on getting the application schedule ready for the Back to School Supply Drive ready, but it’s never too early to begin collecting supplies.“We should have the dates set for folks to come in and apply for assistance soon,” Flores said. “However, we’re accepting donations for the drive now. Whether people in the community would like to donate school supplies or make a monetary donation, either is fine. We’re expecting a pretty heavy demand this year, so everything will help.”Flores said the effort makes a big difference in the lives of children who might not otherwise have school supplies to start the year.“It’s hard enough to get back into the books after a whole summer off,” Flores said. “When you don’t have the things you need — notebooks, paper, pencils — it just makes it that much harder. Education can make a huge difference in these kids’ lives, and we need to do everything we can to support them.”Any donations will be appreciated, Flores said.“If they would rather make a monetary donation instead of going out and buying the supplies, it actually saves a little bit of money,” Flores said. “The Salvation Army is tax exempt, so we don’t have to pay the taxes on them. But if they prefer to purchase the supplies and bring them to us, it’s fine as well. If they make a monetary donation, they also need to earmark it for the back-to-school supplies.”For more information, contact the Salvation Army at 267-8239.Contact Staff Writer Thomas Jenkins at 263-7331 ext. 232 or by e-mail at