Bid process, other issues debated by City Council

HERALD photo/Roger Cline On the right, contractor Robert Baird of Baird Companies in Big Spring addresses the City Council Tuesday evening regarding his recent bid on utility contractor services. Although Baird's bid was lower, city staff recommended awarding the contract to Boler Equipment Service Inc. because Baird's bid did not conform to units requested in the bid packet. Baird claimed that a city staff member told him to bid in the units he used. The council voted to reject all bids and rewrite the bid
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

A more-contentious-than-normal Big Spring City Council meeting Tuesday evening saw the council discussing the merits of a bid process for utility contractor services, the recent local increases in tax valuations and the size of truck that should be prohibited from using "No Thru Trucks" roads.
Boler Equipment Services Inc. was city staff's recommendation to receive the bid award on contractor services for utility maintenance and replacement in the city. The information released with the meeting's agenda revealed no other information, such as the bid amount or other bids received by the city.
Robert "Wes" Baird of Big Spring's Baird Companies spoke at the meeting, claiming that his company had submitted the low bid and asking why the city staff chose to recommend Boler instead.
"I was wanting to know why my business wasn't considered for this," he said. "I was asked to bid by the city for this, which I did, and I have contacted the city a couple of times, and I can't get any answers at all, but from what I understand mine was actually the low bid. I can't get any answers why I wasn't accepted."

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