The big screen is coming to Big Spring

Staff Writer

An independent film being put together by Santa Rita Pictures L.L.C, is coming to the city of Big Spring and is set to begin shooting for the project next month.
The Austin-based production company has chosen Big Spring as the site for their next film “The Iron Orchard”, which is based off a book by Tom Pendleton published in 1968.
The film depicts 1940s West Texas and follows the story of a young man's introduction into the hard life of the oilfield and his journey through the ranks until be becomes a “formidable wildcatter.”
“It's a West Texas wildcatter story that was set in the 1930s and 40s. A rags to riches story,” said Producer Van Folger.
The Iron Orchard producers are currently looking for extras of all ages, as well as some vintage cars from the 1950s and earlier. Anyone interested can send a picture of themselves or their vintage car, along with their information to