Big Spring coming home reunion

A reunion for everyone was held this weekend throughout Big Spring. The First Annual Coming Home to Big Spring Spring Picnic was held at Comanche Trail Park starting Saturday morning. From the central location, attendees dispersed throughout the community to revisit the town each once called home. “The closer it got and everyone said they were coming, I started getting excited and said ‘I’m going, too,’” Peggy Rogers, Big Spring resident, said. “I just want to meet everyone; that is just so much fun.”The reunion started with a woman looking for a friend on Facebook. In the process, she started a group called Remember When in Big Spring which quickly grew to a couple of thousand members. Born here in 1949, Bobby Watson left upon entering high school. However, wanting to reconnect with those he once knew and seeing the response on Facebook, he had an idea. “The big thing is to be able to go to class reunion, but I left when I was entering high school so there was no class,” Watson said. “I realized whether these people lived next door to each other or not they all felt like they knew each other and I thought let’s have a different kind of class reunion ... no worrying about what class you were in, not worrying about whether you graduated from school or not or what clique you were in back then.”After planning for nine months, the reunion finally came to fruition. Several people met at Al’s Barbeque for an impromptu lunch and then gathered at the Wagon Wheel on Friday.“We were at the Wagon Wheel doing the twist and just having fun,” Rogers said. This weekend I plan to put a person with the names on Facebook and get acquainted with our new-found friends,” Jane Hutchings, reunion attendee, said. “During this reunion I just want to communicate with people my own age and enjoy life,” said Carla Weaver.“There is no ulterior motive; we are just trying to recreate or create new bonds with each other. Each of us has fond memories of Big Spring and want to share them. Big Spring isn’t what it was 50 years ago, but then again no place really is,” Watson said. “We would like young people to realize it doesn’t have to be like it is today; why wouldn’t you want to be able to sit down with 200 people you consider to be friends and have a good day?”And this weekend, that is exactly what they did. For those who couldn’t attend, Watson said there will be more.“This is only the first annual. We are doing it again next year.”Contact Staff Writer Amanda Moreno at 263-7331 ext. 234 or by e-mail at