Big Spring native, surgeon Cliff Thomas touts diet plan

Staff Writer

For years, Cliff Thomas has literally cut fat from people. Now, he’s trying to convince them there’s a better way to lose those unwanted pounds. He stopped by the Herald this past weekend to discuss his new book "One Hour Power Diet.
Thomas is a Big Spring native who has practiced gastric surgery for the past several years in the Houston area.
“We live in a world of ‘info-besity: There’s lots of information out there telling us to ‘eat this and not that,’ and we’re still getting bigger,” Thomas said. “What’s the problem? How to eat well is simple — you eat food that’s good for you, frequently and in small volumes, mostly plants and drink plenty of water. The problem is integrating that into your daily life. That’s what this book is about.”

For more details about his plan, see Tuesday's edition of the Big Spring Herald.