Big Spring Rotary students of the month

December 2017 Marcy Elementary Student of the Month, AJ Deel, with family as he is being presented the award. From left to right is Thomas Padilla, AJ Deel, Laurie Platte,  Holly Hernandez and Marcy Principal Alecia Hancock.February 2018 Washington Elementary Student of the Month, Armando Martinez, being honored with the award with family beside him. From left to right is Thomas Padilla, Armando Martinez, Anastasia Martinez, Monica Martinez, Joe Martinez, Miceala Martinez and Washington Principal, Carrie Eggleston.
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The Big Spring Rotary Club honored two students with the Student of the Month Award for the months of December 2017 and February 2018. Each month, students around Big Spring who go above and beyond are recognized and honored with an award presented by Big Spring Rotary Club.
“The principal of the school picks a student to have the honor of Student of the Month Award,” said Thomas Padilla, Vocational Director of the Rotary Club. “Those who are chosen as student of the month have admirable qualities such as working hard in school, being an exemplary student, and a good friend.”

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