Bring everyone into the zone

courtesy photo
Amber Mansfield
Staff Writer

It takes a special kind of hero to go into battle, and for most just the thought of war is an unsettling thought, let alone what going to war and being in battle can actually do to a person. In a lot of cases, Veterans return home with psychological wounds that most people simply cannot understand if they haven't been subjugated to battle. That's why peer support and support groups can be detrimental to a better health and quality of life, as it has been found to make a big difference for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder.
In fact, peer support groups for veterans have proven so successful that Howard County now has a peer support group called, “Bring Everyone in the Zone”, or “BEITZ Peer Group,” so that Veterans don't have to combat whatever challenges they are facing alone, and they can get back into the zone.

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