BSFD to get Jaws of Life

Staff Writer

The Big Spring Fire Department is adding a major piece of equipment to their emergency service tools.
Recently two energy companies, SM Energy and RockPile Energy Services, have come together to fund the purchase of a Jaws of Life rescue tool for the Big Spring Fire Department.
“We got to meet Chief (Craig) Ferguson earlier this year with the Big Spring Fire Department,” said Kate Noble, External Affairs Advisor for SM Energy. “We were just discussing some of our safety plans with him and he alerted us to a number of needs the fire department has.”
However the rescue tool was a little out of budget for the fire department costing around $18,000 dollars total. So SM Energy partnered up with RockPile Energy and decided to split the cost to get the fire department an upgrade both them and the city needed.
“Safety is a big priority for both of our companies,” Noble continued. “It’s a big need and I think the Big Spring Fire Department has more needs, but we’re really excited to be able to partner up with them and provide this resource.”
This isn’t the first time the company has given back to the community. Recently SM Energy donated a $150,000 grant for pavilion construction in the second phase of the Spring Project. They donated an additional grant of $10,000 that was dedicated to the construction of an observation deck.