BSHS 2nd at district academic meet

Big Spring High School's academic team fell short of earning a second straight District 4-3A title, placing second to Abilene Wylie High School in Tuesday's University Interscholastic League meet at BSHS.Wylie scored 541 points to handily win the meet, while Big Spring was second with 350.5 points. Snyder High School finished third with 220 points, followed by Monahans, Greenwood and Sweetwater.“I was proud of our students,” said Jennifer Adams of BSHS, the district's meet coordinator. “I was hoping we'd repeat as district champs, but Wylie is always going to be tough.”While BSHS fell short in the competition for overall team honors, several students earned spots in the upcoming Region I-3A UIL meet, which will be held April 18-19 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Students who placed in the top three of each event qualified for the regional meet.Big Spring's speech squad earned its 10th team district title under Adams' tutelage. Leading the way was Ethan Morelion and Chelsey Parker, who finished 1-2 in persuasive speaking; Shiloh Creswell, who won in informative speaking; Bell Guillory, tops in poetry interpretation; and Luis Casillas, who placed first in prose interpretation.In addition, Big Spring qualified two cross-examination debate teams for the regional meet, while Morelion placed third in Lincoln-Douglas debate. In journalism, Ricky Shubert earned a gold medal in both news writing and headline writing, while Katelyn Igneczi placed second in both news writing and feature writing and Nick Taylor was third in headline writing. In journalism team competition, Big Spring finished second to Wylie.“I'm always impressed by what they can do,” BSHS Journalism Teacher Samantha Berry said of her students. “Their professionalism and commitment … is what a teacher hopes for and I'm exciting to see what they can do at regionals.”Big Spring's other individual regional qualifiers were Connor Furqueron, who won quadruple gold in ready writing, biology, science and physics; Carson Reibe, who placed third in accounting; and Brianna Kight, who was third in social studies. BSHS also earned regional spots in science, social studies literary criticism, accounting, calculator application and number sense team competition.Here are results from Thursday's District 4-3A Academic meet:Individual results• Accounting — 1. Payton Gray, Snyder; 2. Justin Clifton, Snyder; 3. Carson Reibe, Big Spring; 4. Madison Shaw, Snyder; 5. Kelsey Doege, Monahans; 6. Sarah Reyes, Big Spring.• Calculator applications — 1. Kirsten McDonough, Wylie; 2. Caleb Perkins, Wylie; 3. Kunal Shah, Wylie; 4. James Wall, Wylie; 5. Kie Jones, Big Spring; 6. Garret Miller, Big Spring.• Current issues — 1. Jake Gamble3, Wylie; 2. Payton Gray, Snyder; 3. Mason Andrews, Sweetwater; 4. Andrew Hendicks, Monahans; 5. John Dickenson, Wylie; 6. Shiloh Creswell, Big Spring.• Computer applications — 1. Sean Clem, Wylie; 2. Rachel Brawka, Wylie; 3. Abbie Spruill, Monahans; 4. Erin Gutierrez, Wylie; 5. Seline Sanchez, Monahans; 6. Taylor Holloway, Big Spring.• Computer science — 1. Justin Clifton, Snyder, and Holt Herndon, Wylie; 3. Kodee Simpson, Snyder; 4. Darren Escobedo, Snyder; 5. Noah Young, Wylie; 6. Nathan Von roeder, Snyder.• Editorial writing — 1. Brittany Smyser, Wylie; 2. Kelsey Doege, Monahans; 3. Nick Taylor, Big Spring; 4. Laura Ellis, Wylie; 5. Allison Winslett, Sweetwater; 6. Ricky Shubert, Big Spring.• Feature writing — 1. Amanda Johnson, Wylie; 2. Katelyn Igneczi, Big Spring; 3. Alina Hernandez, Snyder; 4. Mary Dolan, Wylie; 5. Bailey Turner, Wylie; 6. Abbie Spruill, Monahans.• Headline writing — 1. Ricky Shubert, Big Spring; 2. Abbie Spruill, Monahans; 3. Cody Craft, Greenwood; 4. Brittany Smyser, Wylie; 5. Dezzray Salgado, Monahans; 6. Shyanne Cardenas, Greenwood.• Informative speaking — 1. Shiloh Creswell, Big Spring; 2. Andrew Dobry, Wylie; 3. Rhea Shahane, Wylie; 4. Anthony James, Snyder; 5. Aron Rios, Big Spring; 6. Max Westlund, Snyder.• Lincoln Douglas debate — 1. Andrew Dobry, Wylie; 2. Shiv Bhakta, Snyder; 3. Ethan Morelion, Big Spring; 4. Chelsey Parker, Big Spring.• Literary criticism — 1. Marvin Flores, Greenwood; 2. Kevin Campbell, Greenwood; 3. Meg Perkins, Wylie; 4. Connor Brockman, Greenwood; 5. Amanda Brandenburg, Monahans; 6. Elena Clark, Big Spring.• Number sense — 1. Caleb Perkins, Wylie; 2. Kirsten McDonough, Wylie; 3. Rhea Shahane, Wylie; 4. Caden Ellis, Wylie; 5. Nathan Jiminez, Big Spring; 6. Charles Anderson, Big Spring.• News writing — 1. Ricky Shubert, Big Spring; 2. Katelyn Igneczi, Big Spring; 3. Maddie Hathorn, Wylie; 4. Laura Ellis, Wylie; 5. Abbie Spruill, Monahans; 6. Taylor McPherson, Sweetwater.• Persuasive speaking — 1. Ethan Morelion, Big Spring; 2. Chelsey Parker, Big Spring; 3. Shiv Bhakta, Snyder; 4. Chloe Stirling, Wylie; 5. Asia Hansen, Wylie; 6. Jake Villanueva, Snyder.• Poetry interpretation — 1. Bell Guillory, Big Spring; 2. Kirsten Burnett, Wylie; 3. Aimee Jacsion, Wylie; 4. Kyra Jones, Greenwood; 5. Roselia Jaimes, Snyder; 6. Sage Good, Greenwood.• Prose interpretation — 1. Luis Casillas, Big Spring; 2. John Dolan, Wylie; 3. Emily Schulz, Wylie; 4. Hannah Herring, Snyder; 5. Maddie Moreno, Snyder; 6. Austin Rains, Wylie.• Ready writing — 1. Connor Furqueron, Big Spring; 2. Victoria Bliznak, Wylie; 3. Connor Brockman, Greenwood; 4. Brianna Kight, Big Spring; 5. Max Westlund, Snyder; 6. Raegan Byington, Wylie.• Biology — 1. Connor Furqueron, Big Spring.• Chemistry — 1. Andrew Boone, Wylie; 2. Amanda Bell, Greenwood.• Science — Connor Furqueron, Big Spring; 2. Andrew Boone, Wylie; 3. Kirsten McDonough, Wylie; 4. Ethan Mones, Wylie; 5. Brianna Kight, Big Spring, and Amanda Bell, Greenwood.• Physics — 1. Connor Furqueron, Big Spring.• Social studies — 1. Coffey McCurdy, Wylie; 2. Rachel Brawka, Wylie; 3. Brianna Kight, Big Spring; 4. Korbin Ancell, Wylie; 5. Nathan Scevers, Wylie; 6. Eddie Tavarez, Monahans.• Spelling and vocabulary — 1. Russell Dickerson, Wylie; 2. Noor Al-Sayyad, Wylie; 3. Rebecca Chacon, Snyder; 4. Mae Dolan, Wylie; 5. Taylor Brumley, Snyder; 6. Brittane Schaake, Wylie.Team results• Accounting — 1. Wylie; 2. Big Spring.• Calculator applications — 1. Wylie; 2. Big Spring.• Current issues — 1. Wylie; 2. Monahans.• Computer science — 1. Wylie; 2. Snyder.• Cross-examination debate — 1. Snyder 1; 2. Big Spring 2; 3. Big Spring 1; 4. Big Spring 4.• Journalism — 1. Wylie; 2. Big Spring.• Literary criticism — 1. Greenwood; 2. Big Spring; 3. Monahans.• Number sense — 1. Wylie; 2. Big Spring.• One act play — 1. Wylie; 2. Monahans; 3. Greenwood; 4. Snyder; 5. Big Spring and Sweetwater.• Science — 1. Big Spring; 2. Wylie.• Social studies — 1. Wylie; 2. Big Spring.• Spelling and vocabulary — 1. Wylie; 2. Snyder.