BSHS Mathletes

Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Mathematics is not always the average student’s favorite subject, but a group of Big Spring High School juniors have teamed up to donate their time to help fellow classmates improve their math knowledge.
“The biggest problem is that most kids are kind of scared of math,” said Austin Lopez, BSHS junior. “They are told they are scared and they are told it’s OK to be scared of it. It should not be true. You can learn math. It’s like a skill, like skate boarding. You just have to practice it.”
Lopez is a member of the Mathletes, a club formed this semester of tutors who donate their free period to help Algebra 1 students navigate the complexities of the subject. Along with Lopez, fellow juniors Lupita Rodriguez, Anthony Munoz, and Alma Pina make up the Mathletes. All four volunteer tutors are pre-calculus students in Carmen Ritchey’s class.
This student tutoring service is offered Tuesday through Thursday. Since Lopez, Rodriguez, Munoz and Pina sacrifice their individual free period to the service, tutoring is spread out during the day allowing the group to reach more students.

“One-on-one is easier to teach than a class any day,” Lopez said. “I would choose one-one-one tutoring than going to a classroom and listening to a teacher go so fast and then you are lost. You go through the steps slowly and encourage them all the way through.”
“Some actually like being helped,” Pina said. “And they are really into it, so we enjoy helping them too.”