BSPD: $28,000 in stolen funds recovered, arrests in near future

Staff Writer

Multiple arrests are expected in the near future, and all but around $8,000 has been returned to the city of Big Spring after the city was the victim of a wire fraud scam, according to a news release from the Big Spring Police Chief Chad Williams.
On April 10, 2017, $36,200 of city funds were wire transferred to a bank account as a result of an e-mail scam. Investigators suspected that money had been moved out of the country, according to reports at the time when the news broke in late April.
“At this time, the Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers Division, and the Homeland Security Federal Agency are still pursuing multiple suspects, and to date $28,090.28 has been returned to the city as a result of the investigation,” Williams stated in the release. “We expect multiple arrests in the near future.”