Buy your last-minute gifts here in Big Spring

The holiday season has reached the critical stage with only threef shopping days left before Christmas. There’s perhaps no better time of the year in Big Spring, the surrounding area or anywhere else for that matter.With so little time remaining for people to pick up those last-minute gifts, the pace in local stores is getting a little frantic in some cases.What we’ve found, though, is that there’s no better place to shop for Christmas than right here in Big Spring, regardless of how little time there is left to shop.Remember, Big Spring is literally dotted with interesting stores — from the downtown area to Scurry and Main streets, to the mall and all along Gregg Street and FM 700, there are a wide variety of gift purchasing opportunities. From the latest item to hit the stores to antiques and hand-crafted items, you’ll find just about everything you need right at home. As we have noted before, shoppers are limited only by their imagination.While we would never begin to tell people they shouldn’t shop out of town, we will ask that you check Big Spring first because the money you spend with a local merchant makes a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.Come to think of it, if you’ve by chance already shopped out of town and still can’t find what you’re looking for and are forced to go to “Plan B,” be sure that “Plan B” involves shopping here at home.Dollars spent with local merchants wind up being spent with other Big Spring or Howard County merchants ... turning over three, four, five or more times. And that rollover effect simply can’t be created when you buy out of town or on the Internet.Bottom line: Do your best to shop at home and make it a Merry Christmas for us all.