Campout at Lone Wolf Creek coming Saturday

Staff Writer

Colorado City’s Lone Wolf Creek Campout is giving people a opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors Saturday, even if they haven’t had a lot of experience with camping in the past.
Ruddick Park is setting up for people to come out and participate in a number of activities, ranging from archery to blacksmithing. The event is a part of a program to help get residents who may not be familiar or have much experience with camping an insight to a past time that may seem foreign to them otherwise.
“We put on the campout at the Comanche Trail Park last August and had almost 70 campers,” said Kent Ivey who helped organize the events. “Its sort of an outreach program to get people camping who haven’t camped before, people who don’t have the gear or experience.”
The campout in Big Spring’s Comanche Trail Park is the first of what Ivey hopes will be a continuing program. He also plans to hold similar events in Snyder and again in Big Spring this summer.
In addition to learning basic camping skills, people will be able to attend the event and learn fishing techniques from some experienced fisherman.
They will also have the chance to participate in and learn activities like archery, atlatl spear throwing, kayaking, and even blacksmithing.
Texas Parks and Wildlife will also be involved in the event and they will be providing camping gear for people who don’t have any gear of their own.
Anyone who is planning on camping out will need to bring their own food, however there will be plenty of people on site to help teach you how to cook around the fire. If your interested in kayaking, or plan on camping out and may need some gear you will need to contact the Lake Colorado City State Park ahead of time at 325-728-3931.
The event is free and open to the public and everyone is encouraged to come out and participate in some of the activities.