Canon holds town hall meeting at Howard College

Staff Writer

Former Midland Mayor Mike Canon is running for the local Texas state Senate post against incumbent Kel Seliger, and he held a town hall meeting in Big Spring Friday.
Speaking to about 10 people at Howard College’s Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Canon primarily addressed the current condition of Texas education; but also touched on unfunded mandates by the state government, infrastructure, and other issues of interest to local voters.
“This is actually the second town hall meeting I’ve ever had,” Canon told the group. “I’ve had some ‘meet-and-greets,’ but we actually had a town hall meeting the other day in Stanton. So I stood up, and I go, ‘I don’t even know how to start one of these things.’ So I just started talking.”
Canon said his basic philosophy of government is more output for less input.
“I’ve been trying to spread the message as we’ve gone across the district. Basically my message is, ‘We need to get the most out of government that we can with the least resources possible put into government,” he said. “And we also need to keep government as small as we can and utilize our resources in ways that are the most appropriate. That’s kind of generally how I feel about the whole process of government.”
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