Carnage Radio

Anna Gutierrez
Staff Writer

The entire cast and crew of the short film Carnage Radio sit on stage during a question and answer session, held after the movie's screening, this past Saturday. Carnage Radio has been accepted to the Prison City Film Festival, and has been nominated for awards.
Standing at the far left is writer and director James Fite, who is very proud to say the entire cast and crew are local, and he hopes this short film will bring enough interest so he can expand the film into a feature-length movie. Fite would like to film the feature-length film entirely in Big Spring. Standing from left to right, are Fite, Brandon Johnson, Zack Campbell and James Womble. Seated from left to right are Kennedy Johnson, Jake Leos, Claudia Leos, Cashea Earls, Brittany Hankins, Greg McAlister, Carl Hart, Scott Emerson, and David Haro.