Changes taking place in BSHS elective Bible course

Apparently reversing his stance from earlier in the day, Big Spring Independent School District Superintendent Steven Saldivar announced Wednesday afternoon that the elective Bible course offered at the high school will undergo a number of changes, including the instructor teaching it.

According to Saldivar, the school district was notified Dec. 15 by Robert Scott, commissioner of education for the Texas Education Agency, new rules relating to the “Elective Courses on the Bible's Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament and Their Impact on the History and Literature of Western Civilization” were being adopted by TEA.

Saldivar said those rule changes, along with outside pressure believed to be coming from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), led the district to make a number of changes to the course.

“Consequently, beginning Friday the district will begin using The Bible and Its Influence curriculum for its elective Bible courses, which is published by Bible Literacy Project,” Saldivar announced in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

“This curriculum is currently being used in more than 100 school districts across Texas. “The course will be taught by Charlie Crisp, who is fully certified to instruct the course in accordance with State Board of Education rules and existing legal precedent. In accordance with the commissioner’s adopted rules, student expectations for the courses will align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for 'Special Topics in Social Studies' and/or 'Independent Study in English.'”

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